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Paragon 2018 Download

Paragon 2018 leaves the traditional mechanics of the games of this kind, and it adds something new, letting the player in almost 100% take control of moves and actions of his character. Get Paragon Download just to personate your figure and help your team achieve a spectacular win over the enemy team.

What makes Paragon 2018 so unique?
Traditional MOBA games involve the battles in real time between the teams of players. The same thing is in Paragon 2018. Here, however, the player has the opportunity to control each step of his hero on the battlefield. It means that each attack will be aimed and carried out by you. The same thing goes to dodges. Moreover, one will also have the chance to move and climb on the objects available in the field. The performance of the individual players consists of the ultimate achievements of the whole team, which lets on increasing its influences and developing individual figures of the players. Therefore, Paragon 2018 combines traditional action games with MOBA system, creating completely unique quality, not met in this type of gameplay before.

The character development
In the beginning, the player can choose from rather a big collection of characters, where each of them has slightly different abilities and possibilities. It is worth to carefully choose the option you like the most because from the initial skills the path of your skills depends. It is based on a skill tree, giving the choice and allowing for minor changes in the scenario, thanks to which the game is more interesting, and it introduces new possibilities in decision making. Each player joins the team that has its own base in order to face another team – also composed of unique characters. The game will also include the allied units and watch turrets. The target is simple – you shall destroy the enemy’s center of command while causing the least losses.

The experience points gained after the matches let you on creating and developing the character according to the chosen path. Get Paragon 2018 Download in order to create a special tasks hero, who can find himself in every situation. Cards that hero collects can be installed in decks in order to gain permanent abilities useful during the game and make our character even more specialized, so the player can feel the figure more while controlling it. The additional impression of the reality is created by arcade controlling of the character in the battles as well as possibilities to climb on objects.

Unique feeling
If you are looking for a diversity after MOBA games with flat, monotonous maps, get Paragon 2018 Download and test how many novelties Unreal Engine 4 can provide. Graphics of the game is really impressing. Starting from the figures’ design to the view of the camera placed behind their back. The height makes a great impression as well. It lets you feel the universe much better. Graphics of the game is completely refreshed, bettered quality in the scope of MOBA games, which couldn’t be found even in real classic games of this genre. Although the storyline, game mechanics, and the character classes resemble the solutions from different games of this type, however, you surely cannot accuse it of not being creative or exciting. Get Paragon 2018 Download if you want to dwell into the world of intergroup fights and win the glory for your team.

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